5 Surefire Ways to Build Muscles

We're lucky we don't need a periodic table or any elaborate formula to know how to be fit. However, it does help if we truly understand what makes our muscles grow. It may seem counterintuitive, muscle growth begins with breaking it down. And that's precisely what transpires when we lift those weights.

We put our muscle fibers under stress, triggering satellite cells to get to the scene of the "trauma" so as to repair the damage. When these cells seal these muscle fibers together, new muscle proteins known as myofibrils are produced. Bigger, more solid muscles result.

So what are the most efficient ways to build muscle?

1. Move more.

Big moves are vital to any legit strength and muscle-building workout. According to research, compound moves such as these work on different muscle groups and draw a more sizable hormonal response, making them more effective for muscle and strength building in comparison to isolated movements, like the leg extension. In terms of rep range, aim for five or less repetitions for strength and six to twelve repetitions for size. Visit our site at clennmaxelite.com for tips.

2. Prioritize weights over machines.

It's not only the moves that matter, but also equipment also. Focus on a flat bench, a barbell, a power rack and loads of weights. A study that compared the performance of machine users at clennmaxelite.com and free weight users found that more progress was noted in the latter.

3. Be patient.

If your objective is to increase size, choose muscle over miles. You still need cardio, but a different kind. Ever wonder why a pro football player's training regimen is different from that of a world-class endurance athlete? Given your goal, you need to focus on fat elimination and muscle preservation. Farmer's walk and hill sprints are examples of good cardio for you. A nice combination of cardiovascular conditioning and strength training is the sled push/pull.

4. Improve your diet.

Building muscle usually requires more calories, but quality must still come first before quantity. Except in the overall amount of food consumed, the diet of an athlete should be the same as that of any healthy individual. Staying away from refined sugars, processed foods and refined sugars, as well as loading up on complex carbohydrates, lean protein and "good" fats, your body can have sufficient energy for muscle building.

5. Take breaks.

Keep this in mind: it's the combination of work and rest that creates the results you want. Finding that exercise sweet spot can be difficult for anyone. If you overdo it, may only end up injured, thus stalling your progress. Inadequate exercise, on the other hand, will take you so long to reap the rewards of your efforts. Read on here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muscle_hypertrophy.